Petal Potion - Skull Edition

  • Petal Potion - Skull Edition
  • Petal Potion - Skull Edition
  • Petal Potion - Skull Edition


These herbal potions are topped with a white candle wax applied Rose Quartz stone and enclosed with the power on intention. This particular herbal blend is for healing, cleansing, protection, and love. "Bury" your worries with this special limited supply skull bottle.

~7-8oz of Dried Herbs
Reusable Glass Skull Jar with Cork Top
Blend - Handcrafted by awholenewwitch ☾

Uses for your herbal potion:
-Add to the bath
-Burn as incense (for ex. in a mini cauldron)
-Add to the fire in your fireplace/fire pit
-Place on your altar
-Spells or protection bottle crafting
-Sensory smelling bottle - for daily use or in times you are in need of relaxation/cleansing

All-Natural Ingredients:
» Egyptian Red Rose Petals
» Locally Harvested Rosemary
» Organic French Lavender Flowers
» Organic Ground Chamomile Flowers

Magical Uses of Herbs:
» Rose - love, luck, lust, dreams, peace, happiness
»Chamomile - power of the sun, luck, love, cleansing, un-hexing
»Rosemary - ward off evil, psychic detox, protection, purification
»Lavender - harmony, happiness, cleansing, healing, love

If using for a bath, tie hair up if you want to avoid the possibility of herbs in it. For cleanup, you may want to use a drain catcher for herbs or remove/strain by hand to prevent any clogging. For burning, please only burn in a fire safe environment and/or container.

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* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This product is not for consumption, external use only.
*This product is Vegan
* Latex free gloves were worn at all times when handing product
*Product may vary slightly from photos due to the nature of herbs and crystals
*When your product is empty, please reuse your jar for something new, for decor, or recycle it. ☺