Ankh + Moon Layered Chains


☥ Ankh Amulet Symbolism:

The Ankh is an Egyptian symbol representing the Key of Life, Protection, Life itself.

In Ancient Egypt they believed that life was an eternal cycle, in rebirth, immortality in the afterlife. It was these beliefs that made the Ankh has symbol in classic goth subculture as well. It became associated with vampires in popular books and movies.

The Ankh is also said to represent elementals; water, air, and the sun.

I have decided to include The Moon. ☽

May the elements and in turn the key of life always be with you on your journey. ☥

Made by awholenewwitch ☾

All Metals - Stainless Steel
Large swivel clasp
Pendant length - 1.75 in.
Drop - approx 2.5 in.
Longer chain length - approx 17 in.
Shorter chain length - approx 15 in.
+ 2 in. adjustable chain

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